Snowfall in Saudi? Yes, It is! Saudi is experiencing Snowfall and People are loving it.


Have you ever imagined The Himalayas are melting due to the sun. Or the Amazon forests coated with a cover of snow. or might be raining Cats and Dogs something like that? Sounds weird, right? Well, something similar happened in Saudi Arabia – It’s weird by it’s Snowing there!

Yes, you heard it right.



White and brown merged into one color as snow lined the desert sand in central and northwestern regions in saudi arabia when temperatures dropped below zero degree celsius.

In the central City of Shakra and also the northwestern city of tabuk, thin layers of snow carpeted the ground, Saudi Gazette said in a report.

In Tabarjal, a city located within the northern Al-Jawf region temperatures reached -3 C, and in Al-Quryat, a northern province, the temperature was -1 C, the report added.

While mid-october typically marks the temporary peak for Saudi Arabia’s rain season, the kingdom is still experiencing light to medium showers.

Professor Abdallah Al-Musanad, professor of climate science at Qassim University, told, that rain is anticipated by the end of in the week in all of western, eastern and central saudi arabia.

This is a matter of concern as temperature change is an environmental issue which will drastically have an effect on us in the coming years. Now, if you are a Trump supporter, you’d call it a ‘hoax’ fancied by the Chinese to sabotage us producing. however if you have brains of your own, snowing in an arid region may be a sign. a signal that we’re heading towards associate inevitable amendment and it isn’t an honest one. we’d not feel it abundant currently as it is the begin, however eventually, it’s reaching to be a vast shit storm of a tangle.

Meanwhile, the Saudis are rejoicing. They are progressing to expertise Swiss weather and are creating snowmen and skiing within the ice slush.

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‘I can’t believe, I am here.’ – Every snowman in Saudi, right now


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